Tomorrow Studio - Futurist Swoosh

We wanted to successfully capture motion in a static form.

Looking at sport and athleticism as inspiration, we wanted to successfully capture motion in a static form. Something which Carolyn Davidson succeeded in 1971 when she created the innately kinetic Swoosh for Phil Knight and which is captured further in Wieden+Kennedy's 1988 slogan 'Just do it'.

Our research around representation of motion in two dimensions led us to Futurism, where there are a few key crossovers between the Futurist manifesto and Nike's values. The Futurists heralded speed, technology and youth in their 1909 manifesto, in which Italian writer Filippo Tommaso Marinetti called out for the technological triumph of humanity over nature. He announced that beauty only existed in struggle, which is apt when considering the universal and relentless strain that athletes continually undergo in exchange for there greatness.

A piece that was a particular visual reference for our project was Umberto Boccioni's bronze sculpture 'Unique Forms of Continuity in Space' which expresses the movement and fluidity of a striding figure, affected as if by the physical forces of it's own forward motion, resulting in the form contoured and almost billowing as if like fabric. Not all of the Futurist manifesto is parallel with our project and Nike as the political side, Futurist movement had an influencing role in the ideology of Fascism and the manifesto rallied against feminism proclaiming a contempt for woman. We wanted to challenge these principles by injecting femininity and a softness to an aesthetic commonly regarded as masculine and hard. Through the selection of a nude/rose fabric which whilst being representative of skin tones, is undeniably feminine and the use of the silk fabric itself creates a relationship to garments denoting a relationship to fashion.

We are hopeful that in our final image we managed to carefully balance dynamism with beauty.

Photography: Pelle Crepin

Tomorrow Studio