Paul Jenkins - MAX AIR / Chicago Bulls

The pieces seemed to fit together seamlessly and form the Chicago Bulls logo.

I've always been a huge fan of basketball and back in their heyday, the Chicago Bulls, with the likes of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were the team to beat. Their second championship winning 1992 season was probably one of my favourite, especially with the constant swinging playoff series against the New York Knicks.

After brainstorming ideas with my pair of Air Max 93s, I decided on creating a unique piece of sports memorabilia, a blown up basketball card. As I cut up one of the shoes, the pieces seemed to fit together seamlessly and form the Chicago Bulls logo, which inspired me to produce the concept. Working with existing Bulls basketball cards I have in my collection, I hand produced this one off card. Basketball card limited editions or 'shinys' also usually have a series name such as 'High-Flyer' or 'Dunk King' so I reversed Air Max to become MAX AIR, a proposed series of cards covering all the NBA teams. This one celebrates the Chicago Bulls.

Features on the front of the card include the hand painted Chicago Bulls logo made from my Air Maxs and basketball card typography. On the back, I cut the sole of one of the Air Max's to produce an explosion graphic as if it was lifting off the card for 'MAX AIR'. The NBA logo has been reproduced using the shoe's inner sole and the shoe's tongue detail makes up the 1/78.

Photography: Ross Paxton

Paul Jenkins