That one small step Neil Armstrong made on July 21st, 1969 was the realisation of our technological abilities.

When Bill and Phil created Blue Ribbon Sports in the sixties, who knew they were going to create the most prolific sports brand of all time?

We all know that the sixties were a decade of change, bursting with revolution, technological development, musical experimentation, cultural liberation and sporting achievements. From The Beatles to The Stones, Kennedy to Quant, Mission Impossible to Bonnie and Clyde; it was an exciting time and has paved our future.

That one small step Neil Armstrong made on July 21st, 1969 was the realisation of our technological abilities and while NASA was busy making the stuff of Sci-Fi novels and comic books a reality, Nike was cultivating ideas, visions and developing products to push our bodies further, faster and stronger.

It was a time of firsts; the first laser was used in the sixties, the first satellite broadcast, even the first computer game, Space War. It was a new dawn. So, one thing is for sure, when Bill poured rubber into Mrs Bowerman's waffle iron she may have thought it was one step too far, but it was without doubt a giant leap for sports-mankind.

Evolution of the human body, through the revolution of sports equipment has lead us to think, if these incredible space and sport achievements have taken place in the last fifty years, where will we be in the next fifty? What will NASA be up to; will we be living in space? Playing sports without the confines of gravity? Are we going to see air time to rival Michael's? In fact, how will Nike improve sport and athleticism in the future?

Bowerman and Knight had a vision with Nike, just as Neil Armstrong and the NASA team had a vision for Apollo 11. The sixties was the era of space exploration. Technology was at the fore of everything, boundaries were being pushed further than ever before and technology was impacting and effecting every part of life. Records broken, astronauts and athletes are still pushing the boundaries today and technology is still at the fore in every product that Nike release, be it Flywire, Lunarlite or Air.

In the big space race, NASA lead. In the race for the leading sports brand, Nike is the front runner.

Matt Blease