Karen Brotherton - The Leisure Complex

The idea of 'working out' at the gym fills me with a sense of dread and loathing.

The gigantic trainer is a leisure complex on a grand scale. Think 'there was once an old woman who lived in a shoe' fused with a Godzilla sized trainer, and a passion for sport.

My idea for NIKE78 was to turn the The Leisure Complex into a living breathing hub of sport, created from the very sole of sportswear. Scaling up the shoe into something capable of housing all manner of activity, this enormous shoe shaped landmark is not only meant to create a place for sportsters to dwell but also encourage activity in the more stationary of individuals.

Speaking from experience, the idea of 'working out' at the gym fills me with a sense of dread and loathing, whilst also filling my head with images of Slater from Saved By The Bell wrestling with his spandex riddled wresting squad. So the idea of creating a visually exciting space, welcoming enough for all types of people was essential in my mind, to drawing in new crowds (myself included).

I aim of getting new social groups of people involved in sports and activity; i.e dance, archery, karate, bowling and ping pong. Showing people that you don't necessarily have to look like Wolf from Gladiators in order to be accepted at the gym. It just helps if you want to wear a unitard.

Karen Brotherton